“True Legato” Samples Lag

When you’re working with true legato sample patches (where the transitions between notes have been sampled as well) be aware that depending on the instruments, the lines will always feel more or less late.

Real players will always play in the way that they have reached the target note on its rhythmical value having the transition slightly before that while the MIDI event that might be sitting right on the downbeat will trigger the transition at that point reaching the target note slightly late. So it is always wise to pull the midi events on such patches a little early to compensate for that.


  1. hormahis

    Cannot stop reading your tiny little tips! Thank you for your blog again.
    By the way, do you use sample libraries for final result or it is always a recording session with live musicians?

    • Robin

      Thanks! I’m very glad you find these useful!
      Most of the time, live recordings are the final result in my work but there are occasional small projects or projects on a tight deadline where the final result will be sampled.


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