Waiting for Feedback

Every well planned work schedule with lots of planned in buffer time for edits and perfect work discipline can get absolutely chaotic when you need to wait forever for feedback on cues. Some clients have just so much to do during the post production process of a project that they simply don’t find the time to listen to and give feedback on music in a reasonable time frame.

While this of course is understandable as workload for everybody is high during these times, it can completely jeapordize any planned delivery schedule. Usually, it helps to address this issue right upfront or as soon as you notice that there starts to be a delay in feedback rounds. But especially on projects where several instances need to sign off on cues, it can become very problematic.

A more strict approach might be to set a fixed feedback time in the work contract to force a strong discipline regarding the time it should take to give feedback. But depending on whether you negotiate the contract yourself or your agent/lawyer etc. bringing in such micro management clauses might leave a stench of not trusting each other so be careful of where to request such clauses.


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