Watch Your Ego

Watch your ego! Working on a major project is a great experience and many people shaking your hands congratulating you for your work is a true ego boost which of course feels great for everybody.

However, never let this get to you. Falling into an attitude of “I know it all, I’m the best.” is the worst thing that could happen to a composer or basically every artist as it will diminish your urge to improve. It is always very humbling after such an experience to listen to the great masters and realize that as long as one’s music is not as good as theirs, there is no reason to have a big ego.

Also, working with someone who has a big ego can be a nightmare for directors or producers which will most likely have a bad influence on your career. The working experience with you as a composer is a big hire or fire factor for film executives. It is perfectly fine to be proud of what you have achieved but always keep it in a realistic perspective and never stop learning.


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