Work Routines for Film Composers

Even though the job of a freelance composer is very unpredictable, developing a daily work routine will help you to work more efficiently. Irregular working hours combined with little sleep, irregular breaks etc. will in the long run be less efficient as your body constantly needs to adapt to new situations.

Develop a scheme that allows you to combine the usage of your most creative times of the day, meals, breaks, your housework etc. and your private life and try to stick to it as good as you can. After a few days, your body will be used to the procedure and therefore be prepared for all tasks of the day more effectively. Working  in the pattern of “I just work as long as I can, doesn’t matter if it’s 4am” is not healthy and also sooner or later you will run into troubles as you will feel tired and uninspired at very odd times which is especially bad close to deadlines.

A regular schedule not only allows you to be more efficient but your body and work output gets way more predictable which is a serious factor on a job where you need to have a constant output.


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