Working on several projects at the same time

Unless you get to work on long-term projects alot, being a composer for the media quite often also means organizing and juggling several things and projects at once. While this is not just a challenge from the standpoint of keeping an overview over all the things, it is also challenging to constantly reset your mind to a different project when you need to switch. If possible working constantly on one project for one day and switching to the other one the next day is probably the most effective option, however very often you need to work on several things on the same day. While some people don’t have a problem at all with switching instantly to something else, others really struggle doing that. Still it seems to be something that you can train and get better at. Of course, try making things as easy as possible by for instance placing your meals breaks between two projects so you don’t need to switch instantly but have a few minutes to just get into the “state of mind” for the next project. An upside of this is that sometimes it really helps to stay creative, as you could use these several projects to simply switch to something else when you’re stuck or tired of one project and get back to it later.


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