Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is something that is extremely annoying especially when you are under heavy deadline pressure. At certain moments, if you let yourself being dragged down by this, it can even cause pure despair. Whenever you suffer from writer’s block, you need to develop psychological strategies to not completely lock up.

It is often a good way to just get out and think about something else for a while instead of pondering for hours over a problem. Just doing a walk, or anything else that distracts you for a moment might give you enough distance to think about the problem from a new perspective. If you have the possibility to work on another cue/section where you actually have ideas for, do that. A few hours or days of distance from a seemingly unsolveable problem might just be enough to get new inspiration.

However, avoid under any circumstances to tell yourself things like “I don’t have any idea, I’m not gonna make it, I’ll lose this gig etc.”. This is the worst thing you can do!


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